SMME Competitiveness & Business Support South Africa

The key objective of this EDSE Programme component is to enable Small Enterprise Development Agency (seda) to be a coordinator and facilitator of the Business Development Services (BDS)  market in South Africa, with the goal of increasing access to BDS for SMMEs  by a significant measure.  Currently, it is estimated that no more than 15% of registered  SMMEs qualify for BDS funding.  Technical assistance through this component will seek to actively provide assistance to involve SMMEs in supply chains of larger enterprises in South Africa.

To accomplish this, the technical assistance team will engage in the following activities:

Technical assistance  for the restructuring of seda

This involves developing a new vision for seda as a BDS market facilitator and assisting seda to analyse the BDS market to attract more resources and to be able to deliver key services (being a effective entry point for SMMEs seeking BDS).

Developing township ecosystems

In an effort to target specifically black-owned SMMEs the technical assistance team will pilot comprehensive ecosystem interventions, bringing together key actors in a township and enhancing the functionality of the ecosystem for SMMEs.

Developing SMMEs in the green economy

The technical assistance team will undertake specific initiatives – in both supply chain inclusion and with specific sub-sector initiatives – to ensure that at least 10% of the SMME growth occurs in the South Africa’s green economy

Developing access to certification services

In collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), technical assistance will be provided to enable agricultural SMMEs to access certification services to remove a key obstacle to join high-value supply lines.

Assist agricultural SMMEs

The technical assistance team will engage with DAFF and certification agencies to harmonise mandatory and voluntary standards under the South Africa General Agriculture Practice (South Africa GAP); develop market-led, affordable certification services and to enable access to lucrative markets for agricultural producers and processors.