Small Enterprise Finance Agency: 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan presentation

SEFA seeks to achieve, in the 2019/ 20 financial year, a balance between the delivery of its mandate, financial sustainability and the medium term strategic priorities of the Sixth Administration. SEFA aims to scale up the development impact among SMMEs and co-operatives using innovation and leverage, while at the same time contributing to the sustainability of funded clients. It was important to introduce targeted lending programmes for groups specifically identified in the June 2019 State of the Nation Address (SONA). SEFA would scale up and deepen post-investment support by reducing impairments, improving collections and client sustainability. It would reposition the Direct Lending Programme and dispose of its property portfolio. It would reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies and build skills and capabilities.

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Small Enterprise Development Agency: 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan presentation

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