Small Enterprise Development Agency: 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan presentation

SEDA engages in coordination, interventions and research support that facilitates the establishment of SMMEs and co-operatives that create viable and sustainable jobs. SEDA’s focus areas include the promotion of entrepreneurship, customised and generic non-financial business support services, collaboration with other role-players as an ecosystem facilitator, and the establishment of sustainable and competitive enterprises. Across all the nine provinces, SEDA has 52 branches, 74 co-locations, nine mobile units and 76 incubators.  SEDA provides mainly internal training. It sometimes provides external training to partners and government departments. It develops mechanisms to ensure appropriate training and transformation of entrepreneurs. It aims to achieve an improvement in the support for SMMEs and co-operatives based in rural areas and townships, as wells as to support SMMEs and co-operatives owned by women, youths and people with disabilities. It was important to formalise businesses for supported SMMEs and co-operatives. This helps to develop economies in both the rural areas and the townships across all the districts and municipalities.

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