The Ecosystem for Development Enterprise (EDSE) is an EU funded programme, facilitating interrelated ecosystems of government and institutional support for the creation of a supportive, enabling environment where South Africa’s SMMEs can operate. The EDSE’s key objective is to provide support to the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) in delivering the directives mandated by the South African national government.
The Minister for Small Business Development, Honourable Khumbudzo Ntshavheni (MP), on the occasion of the debate of Budget Vote 36 presented on the 28 July at the Small Business Development (NCOP virtual sitting) outlined the Department’s 2.3 billion for the 2020/21 financial year. EDSE is working closely with the Department to support the launch of various support schemes allocated budget intended to assist entrepreneurs. The Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme is one of the partnership the Department is steering with the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (sefa) and Small Enterprise Development Agency (seda) covering:
1. Autobody Repairers and Mechanics Scheme
2. Bakeries and Confectioneries Support Scheme
3. Butcheries Support Scheme
4. Tshisanyama and cooked food Support Scheme
Small business owners will also benefit from the Bakeries and Confectioneries scheme aimed at 10, 000 butcheries (bakeries)that are based in the townships and villages. In addition, the Personal Care Services scheme targeting 5000 enterprises will support hair and beauty care services including hairdressers, nail technicians, make-up artists and body massage.
The informal business initiative is another priority programme of the Minister which comprises of;
• Spaza and General Dealers Support Scheme,
• Fruit and Vegetable Vendors Support Scheme and
• Tshisanyamas and Cooked Food Support Scheme
The EDSE is working closely with the Department of Small Business Development to fulfil the fivefold priorities mandated by National Government focused on the reprioritised implementation of the Township and Rural Entrepreneurship programme; strengthen of the informal businesses based on dedicated schemes, ensuring localisation of markets for South African SMMEs and cooperatives produced products and services driving industrialisation through targeted import substitution and supporting utilisation of local skills and services in the infrastructure build program. Business viability of enterprises including cooperatives which support re-entry and restructuring of small enterprises into the new normal and new operating models; as well as the transformation of targets for women and youth empowerment and supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities form part of the strategic goals of the Department. EDSE’s collaboration and partnership with the Department will foster competitiveness of SMMEs and will improve the regulatory and administrative environment for small businesses.