Championing Innovative & Inclusive Agribusiness Solutions in South Africa

Technical assistance provided by this EDSE Programme work stream to the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), and its government and non-government partners, is aligned to its Annual Performance Plan, addressing system level constraints that hinder agribusiness SMMEs growth along the entire value chain contained in the DALRRD Policy Framework of 2014 to 2030.

The Policy Framework identifies six major challenges faced by the agribusiness SMMEs, viz.: access to finance, lack of appropriate technology, lack of technical and entrepreneurial skills, non-compliant to market standards, inadequate infrastructure and raw material supply challenges.

In its quest to address system level constraints, the agribusiness team facilitates capacity building and public-private dialogues, as well as locating best practices to integrate and improve efficiency within the ecosystem domains, viz,: policy coordination and alignment, agricultural focused business development services (BDS), access to innovative finance, economies of scale and aggregation, modernization of cooperative enterprises, food safety and quality standards (FSQS) and supplier development programmes.

By using the EDSE SMME ecosystem approach, the agribusiness TA team facilitates and encourages co-operation, co-ordination and PPPs to inform SMME policy and strategies implementation, finding innovative solutions through evidence-based interventions, dialogues, best practice bench-marking and piloting thereby ensuring that SMME development and support results in commercially viable and sustainable enterprises for increased job creation and GDP growth in the agriculture sector and food system value chains.